We offer industry-leading geo-spatial solutions to assist our clients from design, implementation, and quality control to As-Build documentation in GIS. With the understanding that our sister companies have a reputation for excellence and in-depth industry knowledge, we maintain the same standards in all our deliverables.

All our methods of data collection and processing was diligently tested and compared with traditional and trusted methods ensuring our deliverables are accurate and reliable. The results speak for themselves through several successfully completed projects and returning clients.

Electrical Generation and Distribution

We are quipped and experienced in the mapping of any area and the modelling of any existing towers, lines and structures. Our point clouds are classified according to Eskom LiDAR specifications allowing for seamless integration with current PlsCAD and current workflows.

Our RPAS is equipped with the following sensors:

  • Corona (Ultra Violet)
  • Thermal (Infra-Red)
  • Vegetation (near wave)
  • HD Video
  • LiDAR sensors
  • 3D Scanning

Our Expertise include:

  • Line crossings: Improve time and cost efficiency from start to finish with our geospatial information
  • Line tie-ins: Get all the geospatial data of the existing lines and towers without going on site
  • Corridor mapping: Large scale mapping of new projects and auditing of existing infrastructure
  • Setting out of new lines: Turnkey service for the setting out staking-tables and foundations
  • Progress monitoring: Know exactly what is happening on the ground by conducting regular surveys
  • Improve reporting, Communication and Quality Control
  • Inspection: Preventative maintenance inspections of existing towers and lines
  • GIS: Creating accurate dependable data base of existing infrastructure
  • Vegetation calculations: Determine vegetation height and type
  • River crossings: Impossible to reach areas now at your finger tips
  • Mountain sides: For best tower position and leg extension calculation


It is time to reinvent the quality control systems in the construction industry and to take advantage from information technology that is developed specifically for the construction industry and assisting with design, planning, quality control and implementation of the following:


We deliver highly accurate and feature coded dense point clouds in LAS, LAZ and XYZ format together with TIN models with break lines in Civil3D and Modelmaker as part of our Structural:



Terracopta is trusted by mining companies to ensure their drone operations are delivering maximum ROI through high quality data and ease of access.

GPR Utility Detection

This branch of surveying focusses on the accurate mapping and documenting of any sub-surface features. Sub-surface detection includes the following services:

Concrete Scanning

This branch of surveying focusses on the inspection of objects embedded in concrete including the following:

3D Scanning

This branch of surveying focusses on the accurate 3D modelling of any existing buildings / features and includes the following services:


Land Surveying involves the accurate measuring and digital modelling / mapping of the real world. Land Surveying plays a key role in the following industries:


Proud member of the Terramatics Group of Companies