The aerial surveying industry is the newest addition to the survey world. By taking advantage of drone based sensors and the latest processing and analytical technologies available in the market Terracopta aims to deliver accurate and dependable geo-spatial data in industry specific deliverables in a relatively short time frame and a competitive cost.

Providing services to:

Services Infrastrucure

Terracopta offers a range of geo-spatial data to the infrastructure project management industry. Our industry specific deliverables will aid in the design of the following: conceptualisation; planning, design and management; construction documentation; maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructure.

Terracopta offers a range of geo-spatial data to Engineering firms across South Africa and Southern Africa. Our industry specific deliverables will aid in the design of the following projects: Electrical distribution; Electrical generation; Pipelines; Civil engineering; Structural engineering and Rail engineering.

Services Engineering

Services Civil

Our highly capable team at Terracopta offer our clients 3D construction site monitoring on a weekly basis. Terracopta delivers survey- grade ortho-mosaics, DSMs, DTM’s, and dense 3D point clouds in record time and will repeat the process at fixed intervals and analyse results over the project duration to monitor contractors and construction progress. Terracopta is capable of measuring points, lines, surfaces and volumes and annotate vector objects so you can use it with your existing CAD or GIS software package. Our deliverables will assist you indocumenting and planning yourconstruction sites from green fields set out to completion.

Our UAV Survey technology makes the management of extraction activities and environmental protection issues easy-to-handle, Available on demand and cost-effective, without exposing workers to dangerous conditions. Using UAVs to produce ortho-mosaics, DSMs and point clouds of open-pit mines, quarries and pits and volumetric calculations of stockpiles and extracted materials, increase efficiency and accuracy, while keeping cost and labour to a minimum.

Services Mining

Deliverables include

  • Dense Point Clouds in LAZ, LAS, XYZand PLY formats.
  • XYZ grids with variable spacing on all deliverables.
  • 3D textures mesh with variable texture pixel size in, DXF, PLY, XBS and OBJ formats.
  • Contours in DXF, SHP and PDF formats.
  • DSM and GeoTIFF.
  • Grid DSM in XYZ LAS and LAZ.
  • Orthomosaic.
  • Animated 3D fly overs.
  • Civil 3D
  • Autocad
  • ModelMaker
  • Microstation

Proud member of the Terramatics Group of Companies